Adani, Jay Amit Shah & the Ruling Ideas of the Ruling Class

By Amit Sheokand George Orwell’s 1984 echoes with the slogan – Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. The State, Orwell wrote, attempts to manage ‘knowledge,’ to produce discourses that change according to its own interests and its agendas. The State attempts to ‘manufacture’ knowledge to achieve its [… click here for more]

Adi Cooper and her research on the Tebhaga and Tanka Movements (1946-50)

Elisabeth B. Armstrong Adrienne’s Book In 1988, K. P. Bagchi of Kolkata published Adrienne Cooper’s Sharecropping and Sharecroppers’ Struggles in Bengal, 1930-1950. A Bengali version of the book was published in Bangladesh, but this version tells only the economic history not the political history of rural people’s lives. In Economic and Political Weekly, Ranajit Das [… click here for more]

Letter to Our LeftWord Community (May 2017)

Dear Comrades and Friends, We are now in the midst of 2017 – the centenary year of the Russian Revolution. The Soviet Union, which was built after the Revolution, lasted a mere seventy years. This is far too short a time in the span of human history to make any kind of judgment about either [… click here for more]

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