What’s new on leftword.com?

These are exciting times at leftword.com. We’ve just added two new functionalities to the site. The red circle If you’ve come to the leftword.com site over the last three or four days, you’ve probably noticed this little red circle with a question mark: This is a help desk icon. It appears on every page. What it [… click here for more]

The Big Picture: A review of The Death of the Nation and the Future of the Arab Revolution

by Ambassador K.P. Fabian [courtesy frontline.in] I was reading this book when the failed coup of July 15 occurred in Turkey. The book helped me much to understand what happened after the coup when President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, claiming that it was a “God-given” opportunity for him to “cleanse” the system of the cancer that [… click here for more]

From the Editors – Aug, 2016

To our LeftWord Books Community. Dear Friends, We are delighted to share with you news of our new books, what to anticipate for the rest of the year and what we have planned for 2017 (particularly towards commemoration of the centenary of the Russian Revolution). 1. What’s out. Part of the mission of LeftWord Books [… click here for more]

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