राज्य और उसके क़ानून की निगाह में सभी नागरिको...

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'Struggling uncompromisingly with the reformists and all kinds of distortionists of Marxism, Lenin brought scientific so...

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असम में 19 लाख लोग एनआरसी की आख़िरी सूची से बाहर ह...

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21. 11. 2019

A letter to intellectuals who deride revolutions in the name of purity

By Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Ana Maldonado, Pilar Troya Fernández, and Vijay Prashad

Revolutions do not happen suddenly, nor do they immediately transform a society. A revolution is a process, which moves at different speeds whose tempo can change rapid

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LeftWord Books is a New Delhi-based publishing house that seeks to reflect the views of the left in India and South Asia. We publish critical and analytical works on a range of subjects, and pay special attention to works on Marxist theory. We project the interests of the working people and movements for social transformation.


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06.12.2019 @ Screening of documentary film #UNFAIR

Screening of documentary film #UNFAIR - the interconnectedness of stories from skin, colour, race & caste.

Indian society conflates different forms of prejudices and discriminations relat ...

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05.12.2019 @ Book Launch - Flowers on the Grave of Caste by Yogesh Maitreya

Panthers Paw Publication invites you the book launch of ‘ Flowers on the Grave of Caste’ by Yogesh Maitreya. Followed by the book launch, there will be an inte ...

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