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21-02-2022 @ International Red Books Day

Event Date : 21-02-2022

Venue Details : May Day Bookstore, 2254/2A, Shadi Khampur, New Ranjit Nagar, New Delhi - 110008; Contact:- 011-41073807

Event Details :

We are now witnessing the rise of a neo-fascist menace. This menace has turned its attention to left books – with attacks on left bookshops and with murders and threats of left writers and publishers. There has been an upsurge of support for these bookshops as well as for the writers and publishers. A sense of outrage has built up that shows confidence amongst our readers and comrades to confront the neo-fascists and stand up for left books.

It is in this context, of the return of left book publishing as well as the attack and defense of left books and left writers, that we propose the establishment of Red Books Day. On 21 February 2022, join us by reading the Communist Manifesto in your language. Livestream it on social media, tape it, play it on Youtube.

Red Books Day @ May Day Bookstore:

- Readings of The Communist Manifesto in Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Odiya, Punjabi, Telugu, and more...

- Singing of Revolutionary songs by Dastak, Du and Janasamskriti

- Prof. Surajit Mazumdar, Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, JNU, Delhi, will speak on “The Communist Manifesto and why the text is still relevant”,

Join us on 21 February from 6 pm onwards.

For more details visit: www.redbooksday.org