Frantz Fanon: Colonialism and Alienation


Aakar Books, New Delhi, 2010

124 pages

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Frantz Fanon – doctor, psychiatrist, writer, revolutionary – has had a profound influence upon the revolutionary movements of our time. His political theories developed in the course of the Algerian revolution, and have played a role in virtually every anticolonial movement since, as well as in many nationalist movements within the imperialist metropolises. This concise yet thorough book offers analyses of Fanon's major theories with a special emphasis on alienation, and their relevance to more recent national liberation struggles around the globe. Equally useful for those who are new to Fanon as well as those already familiar with his work.

Renate Zahar

Renate Zahar, born in 1942, has occupied herself with the problems of the Third World as her field of study. She received her education in North and Black African schools, and completed her studies in sociology in Frankfurt.