We, the Rejected People of India


Panther's Paw Publications, Maharashtra, 2019

Language: English

90 pages

6 x 9 inches

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We, the Rejected People of India is an anthology of Marathi Dalit poems in which a dilemma of being a Dalit in the elite spaces is very much visible. Read them, and you will have a different picture of the Maharashtra of recent time. 

Dr. Sunil Abhiman Awachar

Dr. Sunil Abhiman Awachar is well known as a point and painter, also an assistant professor with the Department of Marathi in the University of Mumbai. Meanwhile, he is a full-time activist in the Dalit human rights movement. He has published four anthologies of poetry, all in Marathi, that include Global Vartamanachya Kavita (2008), Mi Mahasattechya Darashi Katora Gheun Ubha Rahanaar NahiBravo! Fox Minds of Capitalist and Poems of the Occupied Everything

Yogesh Maitreya

Yogesh Maitreya is a poet, translator, columnist, PhD scholar and publisher at Panther’s Paw Publication. He has translated work of fiction and non-fiction from Dalit literature. For his PhD, he is working on Ambedkari Shahiri as music against caste.