Marx's Capital

A Student Edition

Edited by C.J. Arthur


Aakar Books, New Delhi, 2014

378 pages

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Karl Marx first published his Capital in 1867, since when it has become the classic text of Marxism for professional economists, social scientists, philosophers, students and political activists alike. But the sheer extent of Marx's great work of political economy has often daunted readers, and hampered their understanding of his ideas. Chris Arthur has substantially edited and abridged Marx's monumental work, eliminating the more arcane polemics, the scholarly footnotes, statistical data and mathematical formulae. He leaves intact and clarified Marx's main theoretical arguments and the historical information which supports them.

C.J. Arthur

C.J. Arthur is Honorary Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Sussex. A respected scholar of Marx, his books include Dialectics of Labour: Marx and His Relation to Hegel (19186), Marx's Method and a student edition of The German Ideology.