Investigator of Morbid Symptoms

This day in 1937, Antonio Gramsci, Marxist thinker and revolutionary, passed away after prolonged illness at the age of 46 in Rome—an optimist to the very end. Journalist, historian and Chief Editor of LeftWord Books, Vijay Prashad, looks back at the life of this brilliant investigator of the morbid symptoms that appear as a capitalist society, scared stiff by social upheaval, attempts to perpetuate the oppression it gives rise to.

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For a diagnosis of our very own—i.e. India’s—morbid symptoms, check out the following titles we have brought out:

A.G. Noorani’s The RSS: A Menace to India (2019; get the ebook here)

Raosaheb Kasbe’s Decoding the RSS (2019)

A.G. Noorani’s The RSS and the BJP (2003; get the ebook here)

Subhash Gatade’s Modinama: Issues That Did Not Matter (2019; also available in Hindi)

Feature image source: Pixabay.