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  1. The Revolution of 1917 Revisited

    The Revolution of 1917 Revisited

    November 7 was the anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1917. In February of that year, the working class and peasantry – along with the soldiers – overthrew the Tsar’s regime. That October (November in our calendar), led by the Bolshevik party, the workers and peasants completed their social revolution by overthrowing the conciliatory government of the bourgeoisie led by Alexander Kerensky. Lenin, who had returned to Russia from exile, saw that behind Kerensky’s government was ‘me[...]
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  2. Our Marie Kondo book lists: Vijay Prashad and Sudhanva Deshpande

    Our Marie Kondo book lists: Vijay Prashad and Sudhanva Deshpande

    Marie Kondo, the Japanese television star of Tiding Up with Marie Kondo (Netflix), wrote in her book The Changing Magic of Tidying Up – ‘I now keep my collection of books to about thirty volumes at any one time’. The phrase was misquoted on social media, as if she had implied that one should only have thirty books. That was not what she wrote. But it got us thinking: what are the thirty books that have most influenced us?There’s the perennial ‘desert island’ challenge. What is the on[...]
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  3. Strongmen Going Strong

    Strongmen Going Strong

    There is bad news and there is good news. The bad news is that the strongmen are going strong all over the world. Jair Bolsonaro, the most extreme far right leader, won the Presidential Elections and will become the new President of Brazil early next year. As pointed out by our chief editor Vijay Prashad, 'Brazil, the largest country in South America, has decided to go the way of the Philippines, the U.S., Hungary and the others.' The good news is that Strongmen is also going strong. We are ta[...]
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  4. Third World Quarterly and a False Case for Colonialism

    Third World Quarterly and a False Case for Colonialism

    Last week, Third World Quarterly, a development studies journal, published an article by Bruce Gilley titled ‘The case for Colonialism.' In his piece, Gilley not only claimed that Colonialism was good, but he went on to argue that we need a new program for colonialism. The publication of this article was followed by the protests against it by numerous scholars and members of the editorial board of the Third World Quarterly journal. A petition asking for the retraction of the artic[...]
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  5. Letter to Our LeftWord Community (May 2017)

    Letter to Our LeftWord Community (May 2017)

    Dear Comrades and Friends, We are now in the midst of 2017 – the centenary year of the Russian Revolution. The Soviet Union, which was built after the Revolution, lasted a mere seventy years. This is far too short a time in the span of human history to make any kind of judgment about either socialism or communism.  Great strides were made, certainly, but there were also grievous wrongs. Two of our new books offer a sense of the Revolution and of the USSR: Cecilia Bobrovskaya’s Rank and [...]
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