1. Reading Lenin by Vijay Prashad

    Reading Lenin by Vijay Prashad

    In March this year, after winning the Tripura assembly elections, BJP cadres demolished the statue of Vladimir llyich Lenin in the Belonia town in south Tripura. Lenin was not only a supporter of worker-peasant movements but also a supporter of anti-colonial struggles. 'Liberation of all colonies' and 'liberation of all dependent, oppressed and unequal nations' was at the heart of the programme of the Bolshevik Party. The statue demolition galvanized the farmers in the Kisan Long March organi[...]
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  2. Namo's Readings

    Namo's Readings

    We know a lot about Namo. We know of his incessant foreign trips, of his sartorial preferences, his love of his own voice.   But we don't know what he reads.   Namo's pal Barack recently released his music playlist. We can picture Namo's smirk when he heard this. Not for him such trivial pastimes. He is the leader of a great ancient nation. The nation which invented, in the hoary past, plastic surgery and aeroplanes and whatnot. Namo says so. He must have read it somewhere.   The nation[...]
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