1. Kuldip Kaur: A Sketch by Manto

    Kuldip Kaur: A Sketch by Manto

    Here’s an extract from our edition of sketches by Saadat Hasan Manto, The Armchair Revolutionary and Other Sketches. About the translation, as noted in the book, Kalid Hasan, who translated it from Urdu, takes significant liberties with the original. He often loosely paraphrases Manto, leaves out entire portions of the sketches, and even adds the occasional sentence of his own. In many cases, the titles of the sketches are not Manto’s own. We chose not to alter or edit Hasan’s translatio[...]
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  2. The Story of a Translation

    The Story of a Translation

    LeftWord's July release, Decoding the RSS: Its Tradition and Politics, is the translation into English of Raosaheb Kasbe's classic Marathi book, Zot. In this post, translator Deepak Borgave outlines the process of transmitting into English the polemical text, which draws from a range of historical references to present an incisive critique of RSS ideologue M.S. Golwalkar's Bunch of Thoughts. * * * Why translate, and for whom? Does translation matter? Who is the reader? Is translation necessa[...]
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