Globalisation and the Prospects for Critical Reflection


Aakar Books, New Delhi, 2009

Language: English

286 pages

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In many circles globalisation is treated as an inevitable trend that reflects long-term economic cycles. As a result of this determinism, persons are told that they must adapt or suffer the social consequences of marginalization. The editors of this book, on the other hand, take seriously the invocation of many protestors nowadays that another world is both necessary and possible. The world must change dramatically if everyone is going to prosper. Instead of adapting, the editors believe that persons should invent another, parallel social reality that enables persons, while borrowing from Latin American activists, to live well.

The point is that persons – all persons – should be able to work together, in a non-exploitative manner, so that they can create a world where their needs and aspirations guide development. In short, a utopian spirit underpins this book.

John W. Murphy

John W. Murphy is Professor of Sociology at the University of Miami.

Jung Min Choi

Jung Min Choi is Associate Professor of Sociology at San Diego State University.