Powers Of Desire

The Politics Of Sexuality

Edited by Ann Snitow, Christine Stansell, Sharon Thompson


Aakar Books, New Delhi, 2009

489 pages

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This provocative anthology brings together a diverse group of well-known feminist and gay writers, historians, and activists. They are concerned not only with current sexual issues – abortion, pornography, reproductive and gay rights – but they also raise a host of new issues and questions: How, and in what ways, is sexuality political? Is the struggle for sexual freedom a complement to other struggles for liberation, or will it detract from them? Has the sexual revolution diminished or enriched the lives of women? Do women's and men's erotic natures differ fundamentally? How do race, class, and ethnicity shape sexuality? And finally, what is the best way to organize politically around sexual issues? Through history, sociology, journalism, fiction, and poetry, the collection thus addresses itself to our sexual futures: how can we build an erotic world that feminists will desire?