a visual sojourn of humanity

Soumen Bhowmick


Soumen Bhowmick, 2018

Language: ENGLISH

786 pages

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Manus in Bengali means human in English. Manus, the book of original drawings, is a “Tryst with Humanity”. It’s a creative endeavour to touch upon all human emotions and acts in this temporal world. MANUS, depicts fight for righteousness, virtues, injustice, oppression, genocide, relationships, struggles for dignity and livelihoods all across the world. An oasis, for all that makes us human. Born out of sheer observation of our daily nuances, laced in satire and social commentary, art is served in a black-and-white format to heighten the visual absorption of the playful lines. In year 2012, I conceptualised and started working on these drawings. Years of hard work will be offered to you in the form of this pocketbook. Fluid, playful, and sometimes detailed lines are interpreting today’s time and space, both existing and lost. It attempts to encompass the contemporary societal dilemmas faced by us and the individual’s dialogue of survival and triumph through the many hurdles and falls.

In this pocketbook, part of my series of drawings titled "MANUS", more than 700 black-and-white drawings spread out over 784 pages will quiver your senses. With its soft back cover and small format, it will be handy for you even while travelling. “MANUS” will be your constant companion: a compact visual reference book to engage with humanity and also with the self, in this time and age.