Kashmir: A Noble Tryst in Tatters


AuthorsUpFront, New Delhi , 2017

Language: ENGLISH

271 pages

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Badri Raina is one of the most well-regarded public intellectuals in the sub-continent. His commentaries on social, cultural and political issues affecting contemporary life have always been written from a fierce independence of mind and have had a global audience. His most recent collection of commentaries are Idea of India Hard to Beat: Republic Resilient and The Underside of Things: India and the World.

Badri Raina

Badri Raina is a well-known commentator on politics, culture and society. His columns on the Znet have a global following.

Raina taught English literature at the University of Delhi for over four decades and is the author of the much acclaimed Dickens and the Dialectic of Growth. He has several collections of poems and translations. His writings have appeared in nearly all major English dailies and journals in India.