The Holy Family or Critique of Critical Criticism

People's Publishing House , New Delhi, 2010

Language: English

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The Holy Family, or Critique of Critical Criticism. Against Bruno Bauer and Co. is the first joint work of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. At the end of August 1844 Marx and Engles met in Paris and their meeting was the beginning of their joint creative work in all fields of theoretical and practical revolutionary activity. By this time Marx and Engels had completed the transiotion from indealism to materialism and from revolutionary democratism to communism.The polemic The Holy Family was written in Paris in autumn 1844. It reflects the progress in the formation of Marx,s and Engles,s revolutionary materialistic world outlook.

Frederick Engels

Friedrich Engels (1820–1895) was a German social scientist, author, political theorist, philosopher, and father of Marxist theory, together with Karl Marx. In 1845 he published The Condition of the Working Class in England, based on personal observations and research in Manchester. In 1848 he co-authored The Communist Manifestowith Karl Marx. Later he supported Marx financially to do research and write Das Kapital. After Marx's death, Engels edited the second and third volumes.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a philosopher, economist, sociologist, journalist, and revolutionary socialist. Born in Germany, he later became stateless and spent much of his life in London in the United Kingdom. He published numerous books during his lifetime, the most notable being The Communist Manifesto (1848) and Das Kapital (1867–1894).