Views on Development

The Local and the Global in India and Pakistan

Kristoffel Lieten


Three Essays Collective,

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In his eloquent style, and with an enormous reservoir of empirical data collected from long duration stays in villages of northern India and Pakistan, Kristoffel Lieten gives voice to the under-privileged. He has produced three poignant essays, which directly address core issues in the development discourse: the impact of the various routes of rural development on the village population, the attitude of men and women towards population growth and family planning, and the very meaning of development. He does this while simultaneously addressing the theoretical issues and carefully presenting the views, hopes and dilemmas of people in rural India and Pakistan. The essays combine academic rigour and real life experience and will be useful for anybody interested in development issues.

Kristoffel Lieten

Kristoffel Lieten is a professor at the University of Amsterdam, where he teaches development sociology, and where he holds the chair of Child Labour Studies on behalf of the International Institute of Social History. He has been engaged in studying various aspects of South Asian societies since the early 1970s.