Social Work in India

Edited by bodhi s. r.


adivaani, Kolkata, 2016

Language: English

xiv+431 pages

5 x 8 inches

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This specific volume of the TAS series attempts to unravel key constitutive elements of a 'perspectives from within' in Tribal and Adivasi Studies. This being a subject area not sufficiently explored by scholars and whose myriad questions remain definitively unanswered to this day, both in academia and within progressive activist scholarship. Evidence to assert and augment propositions related to unravelling this distinct methodological position have been sourced from a practice discipline – social work. Discursive in nature and drawing extensively from the experience of those who have directly engaged in critical and strategic practice in Tribal/Adivasi empowerment, this volume; also an act in epistemological reconstruction envisages asserting and achieving greater depth and clarity of the said perspective in the identified subject domain.  

Bodhi S. R.

bodhi s. r. comes from the Hynniewtrep society. His areas of interest span Tribal epistemology, Tribal and Dalit studies and Tribal Social Work.