Planter Raj to Swaraj

Freedom Struggle & Electoral Politics in Assam

Amalendu Guha


Tulika Books, 2015

364 pages

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This is a re-issue of Amalendu Guha’s influential work on Assam and the Northeast, 30 years after its original publication, with a new Introduction by the author. Guha’s analysis extends from Assam in 1826, the year of the British annexation, to the post-independence conditions in 1950. The peculiar features of the region’s plantation economy; the imperialism of opium cultivation; the problems of a stready influx of immigrants and the backlash of a local linguistic chauvinism; peasants’ and workers’ struggles; the evolution of the ryot sabhas, the Congress, trade unions and later of the Communist Party – such are the themes that have received attention in this book, alongside an analysis of legislative and administrative processes.The narrative is structured chronologically within an integrated Marxist framework of historical perspective, and is based on a wide range of primary sources.


"…packed with information and insight, the book demonstrates that the high-profile regional issues more often than not proceeded from a colonial economy upheld by draconian 'constitutional' powers." - Hiren Gohain, Economic and Political Weekly

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