'Masculine, Feminine, Neuter'

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Roland Barthes, whose centenary falls in 2015, was a restless, protean thinker. A constant innovator, often as a daring smuggler of ideas from one discipline to another, he first gained an audience with his pithy essays on mass culture and then went on to produce some of the most suggestive and stimulating cultural criticism of the late twentieth century, including Empire of Signs, The Pleasure of the Text and Camera Lucida. In 1976, this one-time structuralist outsider was elected to a chair at France’s preeminent Collège de France, where he chose to style himself as professor of literary semiology until his death in 1980.

The greater part of Barthes’s published writings have been available to a French audience since 2002, but here, translator Chris Turner presents a collection of essays, interviews, prefaces, book reviews and other journalistic material for the first time in English.

'Masculine, Feminine, Neuter', volume three in the five-volume series, consists of Barthes’s writing on literature, covering his peers and influences, writers in French and other languages, contemporary and historical writers and world literature. This volume comprises Barthes critical articles and interviews previously unavailable in English.

Roland Barthes

Roland Barthes, French philosopher, critic, linguist and semiotician, had a profound influence on twentieth-century literary theory. His best-known works include Mythologies (1957), S/Z (1970), Pleasure of the Text (1973), A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments (1977), Camera Lucida: Reflections of Photography (1980) and the posthumously printed Incidents, published in English