Defying Death

Struggles against Imperialism and Feudalism

Amit Kumar Gupta, Maya Gupta


Tulika Books, 2001

viii+284 pages pages

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Although often neglected and underplayed in mainstream history, armed resistance to British imperialism is a significant part of India's epic struggle for freedom. The essays in this volume, written over several years, document various episodes of resistance highlighting the role of freedom fighters who inspired generations of Indians by their sacrifices. They discuss the Vellore Mutiny, the Chittagong Uprising, the Non-Cooperation Movement and the militants of Bengal, Gandhi's attitude to the execution of Bhagat Singh, the Telengana and Kakdwip risings, among others. The essays also underline the fact that the fight against colonial oppression and exploitation was inextricable linked to the struggle against feudalism.

Amit Kumar Gupta

Amit Kumar Gupta has worked as a teacher, editor and researcher with the Scottish Church College, the Indian Council of Historical Research, the Centre for Contemporary Studies, the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library and the UGC.