Tagore's Dance-Drama Omnibus


Niyogi Books, 2013

Language: English

182 pages

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The six dance-dramas translated in this book cover a culmination of Rabindranath Tagore's dance-interest in the latter's most effulgent manifestation it was only in the last half decade of Tagore's life that his dance-consciousness reached its zenith and he could offer the best of his life-time passion for dance in the form of six dance-dramas, namely, two taser desh(interspersed with prose dialogue), shapmochan(with narrator) and four full-bodied chitrangada, shyama, chandalika and mayarkhela(re-visited) all the dance-dramas are predominantly recitative music dramas the clear story-line is piggybacked mainly on the recitative pattern of the melodiously articulated dialogues and narratives, interlaced with songs the translation follows closely the letter and spirit of the original(including the lyrics), in trying to do justice not only to the rhythm and metre of the original, but also the internal rhymes, so that the exquisite poetry and lyrical beauty of tagore can be savoured even in the translation.
INR 395.00
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Utpal K. Banerjee

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