An Anthology on Friendship by Women and Queer Folx

Edited by Shilpa Phadke, Nithila Kanagasabai



Language: English

384 pages

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Yaari centres friendship in the politics of everyday life and well-being. Drawing on narratives of women and queer folx from South Asia, it reflects on friendship in all its avatars—as wondrous and full of excitement; as joyous and embedded in an ethics of care, as evoking jealousy, anger, and disappointment; and as strained and fractured. Just as friendship itself resists definition, the pieces in this collection come in various shapes and forms: comic strips and poems, essays and fiction, as paeans, reflections and rants. These ninety-five contributions examine the world not only through the lens of what is but what we might aspire to. At the heart of this anthology is the recognition that friendship not just matters but is also deeply political.

Nithila Kanagasabai

Nithila Kanagasabai is an Assistant Professor at the School of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, where she teaches research methods and documentary filmmaking courses. She researches and writes in the areas of feminist media studies, feminist pedagogies, journalism studies, academic mobilities, research cultures, digital media, and friendship. Her earlier disciplinary training was in broadcast journalism, and she has worked as a reporter in prominent national news media companies. She is beyond thrilled that the first book with her name on it is one on friendship.

Shilpa Phadke

Shilpa Phadke is a Professor at the School of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She is co-author of the critically acclaimed book Why Loiter? Women and Risk on Mumbai Streets (2011), co-director of the documentary film Under the Open Sky (2016), and co-editor of Intimacy and Injury: In the Wake of #MeToo in India and South Africa (2022). She has published both academically and in the mainstream media in the areas of gender and the city, ethnographies of feminism, feminist pedagogy, middle-class sexualities, middle classes and the new spaces of consumption, feminist pedagogies, feminist parenting, and friendship. One of the greatest joys in her life has been the discovery that one can forge deep friendships at all ages in one's life.