The Communist Manifesto

New Interpretations

Edited by Mark Cowling


Aakar Books, New Delhi , 2023

Language: ENGLISH

223 pages

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Published to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the original publication of The Communist Manifesto, this textbook offers a series of new interpretations of Marx's most well-known work. Organised into four thematic sections which cover issues of text and context, revolution, the working class and other social groups, and the relevance of the Manifesto today, the aim is to provide an introduction to the Manifesto for students coming to Marxism for the first time.

The Communist Manifesto is often the first text to which students needing to know about Marxism are directed: this book is intended to help them make sense of it. It serves to provide a historical background to the writing of the Manifesto, to highlight the main political and philosophical issues raised in the text and to open up current debates for which the Manifesto has relevance.

The inclusion of the complete text of The Communist Manifesto makes this a fully comprehensive package and ideal for the study of this challenging work.

Mark Cowling

Mark Cowling is Principal Lecturer in Politics at the University of Teesside.