Herbert Marcuse, Philosopher of Utopia

A Graphic Biography

Nick Thorkelson

Edited by Paul Buhle, Andrew T. Lamas

Foreword by Angela Y. Davis


City Light Books, 2019

Language: ENGLISH

120 pages

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"I believe that Marcuse's ideas can be as valuable today as they were fifty years ago." -Angela Y. Davis,

Herbert Marcuse was one of the twentieth century's most unlikely pop stars: a celebrity philosopher. In the 1960s, his argument for a "principled utopianism" catalyzed the idealism of a rebellious generation, and Marcuse became an intellectual guide for activists and revolutionaries around the world.

From his early studies with Martin Heidegger, to his flight from Nazi Germany with Frankfurt School colleagues, to his status as a countercultural icon, readers are introduced to the development of Marcuse's philosophical theories and the political realities that shaped his work.

Marcuse's advocacy for a more humane, sustainable world was grounded in a personal knowledge of authoritarianism's violence, and the risk of its resurgence. Perennially relevant, radical, and inspiring, Marcuse's concept of a "Great Refusal" -the protest against that which is-is a guide for our times.