Ways of Beings

Creative Non-Fiction by Pakistani Women

Edited by Sabyn Javeri


Women Unlimited, 2023

Language: ENGLISH

209 pages

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Does writing have a nationality? Are writers defined by geography, language, religion, gender and ethnicity alone, or are there other attributes that identify them.?

Fifteen of the most articulate and creative non-fiction writers from Pakistan eloquently demonstrate that, as Sabyn Javeri says, "Who you are is more accurately represented by what you stand for, than by where you are from."

Large-scale migration and transnational mobility have rendered national borders porous, while the Internet has internationalised communication in a way that practically erases territorial boundaries.

Questions about 'being' and 'belonging' acquire an urgency that demands articulation: how does a writer relate to her context, whether at 'home' or 'away', and locate herself and her writing in it? For the purposes of this anthology, Javeri believes that, "A Pakistani writer is one who feels a connection to the land either by origin or by sensibility."

Sabyn Javeri

Sabyn Javeri is Senior Lecturer of Writing, Literature & Creative Writing at New York University, Abu Dhabi. She is the author of Hijabistan, a collection of short stories, and of the novel, Nobody Killed Her. Her writing has been widely anthologised and published in Litro, South Asian Review, The Journal of Commonwealth Literature and Wasafiri, among others.