Education or Exclusion?

The Plight of Indian Students

Edited by Nitheesh Narayanan, Dipsita Dhar


LeftWord Books, New Delhi, 2022

Language: English

210 pages

5.5 x 8.5 inches

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The BJP-led Narendra Modi government announced a new National Education Policy (NEP) in July 2020. Neither knowledge production nor enhancing the democratic ethos find a place in the objectives of NEP 2020. The document turns to the past for its inspiration, but it does not utter a single word about the anti-colonial struggle which laid the foundations of modern education in India. It talks of traditions, but only those that align with the upper-caste Hindu imagination. The corporate-Hindu Rashtra project structures NEP 2020. It endangers the idea of the sovereign, socialist, secular, and democratic Republic, which is the promise of the Constitution, and therefore it undermines the emancipatory content of education.

This book reveals the dangerous master plan of NEP 2020, which seeks to transform educational systems from pre-primary to research levels.

CONTRIBUTORS: Aishe Ghosh, Ajsal E. A., A.R. Sindhu, Ashique Ali Thuppilikkat, Dayal Paleri, Debodeep Banerjee, Dinit Denta, L. Jawahar Nesan, Madhu Prasad, Malini Battacharya, Mayukh Biswas, Mukulika Radhakrishnan, Parichay Yadav, Prabhat Patnaik, Rohan D’souza, R. Bindu, Ram Puniyani, Sachidanand Sinha, Sangita Das, Soham Bhattacharya, Torsa Saha, V. Sivadasan, V.P. Sanu

Dipsita Dhar

Dipsita Dhar is a research scholar at the Centre for Studies of Regional Development at the JNU, New Delhi, and Editor of Indian Researcher. She is all-India Joint Secretary of SFI. She holds an M.A. and MPhil from JNU.

Nitheesh Narayanan

Nitheesh Narayanan is Editor, Student Struggle, and a central secretariat member of SFI. He is a PhD scholar at the Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, JNU, and a researcher at Tricontinental India Research. He is
co-editor of two books, The 1921 Uprising in Malabar: A Collection of Communist Writings (LeftWord, 2022) and Ashayasamaranngalude Lokam (Chintha Publishers), and co-translator of the Malayalam edition of Aijaz Ahmad and Vijay Prashad, Nothing Human is Alien to Me (Chintha Publishers).