A Brief History of Commercial Capitalism


Three Essays Collective, New Delhi , 2022

Language: ENGLISH

197 pages

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The rise of capitalism to global dominance is still largely associated with the advances of the Industrial Revolution. But, as Jairus Banaji shows, this leap was preceded by a long era of 'commercial capitalism,' which reorganized labour and production on a world scale to a degree hitherto rarely appreciated. In Banaji's retelling, the pre-industrial non-European world appears as innovative, dynamic, and thoroughly cosmopolitan.

Jairus Banaji

Jairus Banaji main research interests have included: agrarian history; Late Antiquity and early Islam; historical materialism; Marx’s method in Capital; the fate of the peasantry under capitalism; and, unions and industrial relations in India. Cambridge University Press will soon be publishing a collection of his historical work under the title Exploring the Economy of Late Antiquity: Selected Essays. He also recently finished the first full-length English translation of Henry Grossman’s classic text on Marx’s crisis theory, The Law of Accumulation and Breakdown of the Capitalist System. This is scheduled for publication as part of a larger collection of Grossman’s writings.