Coffee is Our Livelihood

Let Us Roast Our Own Coffee and Enrich Coffee Culture

Edited by Indu LP, Krishnaveny TA, Nidheesh J Villatt, Shubhojeet Dey

P Sundarayya Memorial Trust Publications, New delhi, 2022

Language: English

120 pages

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The book begins with P Krishnaprasad's article stating the need for alternative policies to expand and establish sustainability in coffee sector followed by Nidheesh J Villatt's article showing the stranglehold of International Finance Capital - Monopoly Capital combine and the solution of forming consortia of producing and marketing cooperatives through which the farmers can fight back. Dr. Ashwini Kumar BJ offers reflections on the Indian coffee sector and B Shivakumaraswamy on variant and productivity improvement.

While Dr. IR Durga Prasad and Dharmesh show the reality of the plight, distress and demands of the farmers and workers in the coffee sector in Karnataka, Namitha Madhukumar, Lakshmy S and Jayakumar C, PK Suresh and Davey Cherimulla meander through the Wayanad Coffee sector, in Kerala. Jubunu KR takes us to the model of Brahmagiri Development Society - a shining example of a producers' cooperative society that stands for the farmers in fighting the neoliberal policies.

The book consists of the letters and statements of the KGF, CPA and CFA along with Charter of Demands and Future Plans of Action of the Coffee Farmers Federation of India.

The book closes with AIKS Joint Secretary, Dr. Vijoo Krishnan's note on the evolution of Wayanad Coffee and the pathway that it breaks open for the coffee growers' proper realisation.

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