Untold stories of IPTA & Niranjan Sen


Bhashamukh, 2022

Language: ENGLISH

200 pages

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The people's theatre movement took birth from the fire of revolutionary mass-movement and I.P.T.A.came into existence to build and develop the people's theatre movement all over India.

Under the All India banner of" Indian People's Theatre Association". It took a vow to be a worthy custodian and to carry forward the spontaneous and individual anti-imperialist and anti-feudal traditions of our theatre-arts from the past.

So, for the first time, an All India people's theatre movement was launched to develop consciousness in an organized way under an All Indian organization in the cultural world of India along with the Progressive Writers' Association of India. The significance is an epic-making, historic one and was the beginning of our Cultural Revolution for building up revolutionary democratic theatre, arts and culture.

IPTA forged links with Art- talents from the peasantry and from the workers.

 IPTA mobilized young talents of middleclass of the urban areas as well as professional artists and writers through their performances dedication, the cause and true purpose.