Audacity of Pleasure

Sexualities, Literature and Cinema in India

Brinda Bose


New Delhi , 2018

Language: ENGLISH

328 pages

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It is a good time to take stock of paths and makers in the cultural battleground of sexualities in India. To note the impossibility of quantifying wins and losses because this war against moral panics cannot be measured by legislative gains. The politics of sexuality in the arts as well as the everyday in India lies, rather, in a fecund grey area that bristles with the sheer audacity of imagined and real pleasures. In some crucail sense, it must always remain audacious.

Brinda Bose

Brinda Bose is currently Fellow, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi. She has taught for 10 years at the Department of English, Hindu College, Delhi University, and researches in gender, postcolonial and cultural studies. Her recent publications include Translating Desire: The Politics of Gender and Culture in India (edited, 2003) and Gender and Censorship (edited, 2006).