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Not to listen is barbaric and that is exactly what the present vectoralists do. Our task is then to commodify the only thing remains to be commodified -LISTENING. This commodification of listening will effectively deafen the vectoralists and short-circuit their ways of BANOPTICON (which is more lethal than panoptican) SURVEILLANCE. We have used the MARX-DERRIDA tool for that purpose. The whole book is a kind of handbook for effectively using the prosthetic-spectral weapon to render our weakness into our strength. The idea of presenting Derrida prosthetically and Marx spectrally is against the grain of any mystic or utopian idea. It is the pragmatic-most approach to bring in the poetic-code in the social and by this only we can diseffectuate the all-engulfuing monetary-code. We can, once agin, listen to each other with our odd-apprenticeships and jolt the vectoralists' confidence in ruling the roost. As we mentioned in the preface, it was a trail by fire to bring Marx and Derrida without an "AND". So here the two enter in innumerable spacings and hyphens. Thus the book remains an experimental work to formulate a new way of LISTENING for the sake of living together in a much-riveted time.