Reading Capital Politically


Phoneme Publishers, 2012

Language: English

292 pages

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This book re-examines Karl Marx's analysis of value through a detailed study of Chapter One of Volume 1 of Capital. The object of this study is to bring out the political usefulness of the analysis of value by situating the abstract concepts of Chapter One with Marx's overall analysis of the class struggles of capitalist society. I intend to return to what I believe was Marx's original purpose: he wrote Capital to put a weapon in the hands of workers. In t he presented a detailed analysis of the fundamental dynamics of the struggles between the capitalist and the working classes. By reading Capital as a political docuemtn, workers could study in depth the various ways in which the capitalist class sought to dominate them as well as the methods they themselves used to struggle against that domination. 

Harry Cleaver

Henry Cleaver teaches Marxism and Marxist Economics at the Department of Economics, University of Texas. In recent years he has written extensively on and around the Zapatista Movement. His Reading Capital Politically has, since its publication, been one of the most influential texts of Autonomist Marxism. Before the current Indian edition it has already appeared in a Mexican, a Korean and a Turkish edition.