Studies in India, China and Other Asian Countries


Aakar Books, 2018

Language: English

232 pages

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In the present stage of imperialist capitalism the condition of the workers in the manufacturing and assembling factories or workshops in the developing and underdeveloped countries is incredibly horrible. Contracted by the giant multinational corporations through multi-layered intermediaries, the subcontracting companies running 'glittering' and 'flagship' enterprises in many countries, tightly integrated to the global supply chain, are transferring enormous burden of manufacturing and assembling on to the workers squeezing them under deplorable and severely hazardous working conditions. These workers are super-exploited and exproapriated to the extreme. They are dehumanized and exhausted to an unbelievable extent. The imperialist capital is making super-profits at the expense of these workers partnering with the capitalist classes of these countries.

Update Study Group has investigated and depicted the process of exploitation and the degre of dehumanization of the wokers in the production chain in several Asian countries. Update Study Group Since 1999, an anlytical journal named 'Update' had been published from Kolkata presenting facts and analysis on several questions of national and international importance with a Marxist outlook. It is now functioning as 'Update Study Group' searching and analyzing the past and present facts with a broader scope and working with several social and political projects.