Further Studies in a Dying Culture


Aakar Books, 2017

Language: English

256 pages

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Further Studies in a Dying Culture was published in 1949, eleven years after his death, is divided into five essays: "The Breadth of Discontent: A Study in Bourgeois Revolution," "Beauty: A Study in Bourgeois Aesthetics," "Men and Nature: A Study in Bourgeois History," "Consciousness: A Study in Bourgeois Psychology," and "Reality: A Study in Bourgeois Philosophy."

Christopher St. John Sprigg was born in Putney, England, in 1970. After working as a reporter, editor, and publisher, in 1934 he began devoting himself to freelance writing. Under his pseudonym, Christopher Caudwell, he wrote his major works, Illusion and Reality, The Crisis in Physics, and Further Studies in Dying Culture. In December 1936, he joined the International Brigade to fight fascism in Spain. He was killed on February 12, 1937.