Stree - Samya, 2020

Language: English

149 pages

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In her incisive discussion, V. Geetha points out that 'gender is everywhere', and when we allocate to the male and female sexes, specific and distinctive attributes and roles, we are 'doing' gender. She suggests insightfully that gender 'is both part of the world we live in as well as a way of understanding that world'.

Provocative and jargon-free, the book shows how gender identities mesh with those constituted by caste, class, religion and sexual preferences, forming a set of arrangements that have evolved through history. It enables the reader to undertake a fresh and critical look of what we consider to be normal and given, to ask questions, to take stock of the self and the world. This book forms a part of the Theorizing Feminism Series edited by Maithreyi Krishnaraj.

V. Geetha

V. Geetha writes in Tamil and in English on history, culture and gender. She has co-authored with S.V. Rajadurai, Towards a Non-Brahmin Millennium: From Iyothee Thass to Periyar (Samya, rev. ed. 2008).