Feminists and Science, Vol - 1

Critiques and Changing Perspectives in India

Edited by Sumi Krishna, Gita Chadha


Stree - Samya, 2015

Language: English

302 pages

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Feminists and Science brings critical voices to bear upon the relationship between science, gender and patriarchies, critique science and reclaim it with equal passion. Feminist critiques of science have uncovered the ideological biases in scientific discourse and also begun reforming and reinventing disciplinary canons. Many such critiques have been developed in the West; the significance of the Indian contribution to this debate is that it offers a different perspective, drawing upon the experience of how science and technology has impacted the lives of Indian women, their work and their bodies.

The contributors, from different disciplinary locations in the social sciences, the humanities and the natural sciences, raise a variety of issues in science criticism, presenting feminist positions in fields including health, pedagogy, livelihood and sexuality. The two volumes offer a pioneering and valuable contribution to science studies and women's studies in India.

Gita Chadha

Gita Chadha is Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Mumbai. She has taught for over 10 years at the undergraduate level; designed and taught the first Feminist Science Studies course at TISS, Mumbai; designed pedagogic initiatives for integrating science and social science teaching conducted by the Centre for the Study of Culture and Society, Bengaluru.

Sumi Krishna

Sumi Krishna is a distinguished independent scholar and former President of the Indian Association for Women’s Studies. She has over 40 years of experience in environment, development and gender, encompassing biodiversity, natural resource management, people’s movements and livelihood issues; has advised universities and institutions on integrating science and social science curricula and methodologies. She is a widely published author and is based in Bengaluru.