India To-Day

People's Publishing House , New Delhi, 2007

Language: English

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Nearly a third of a century has passed since the original writing of India Today, and nearly a quarter of a century since its first publication in India. During these intervening years a whole era of new development has taken place, following the victory of Indian state independence, and a volume of new research has cast more light on many of the questions covered, on which this book was attempting what was to some extent a pioneering task. Thus India Today can now only be regarded as a historical work of its period, constituting a survey form a Marxist standpoint of the record of British rule in India and of the development of the Indian people's struggle, both the national movement and the working class movement, up to the eve of independence, as seen at that time. Nevertheless it appears that there is still some demand for it and accordingly this reprint of the original Indian edition of 1947 has here made.