Che Guevara

A Memoir by Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro

978 8170071801

People's Publishing House , New Delhi, 2007

Language: English

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The editor and publisher wish to acknowledge the assistance of the following in preparing this book for publication: Jesus Montane for his constant encouragement of the project; Felix Sautie of Editorial jose Martiand later with UFO Service for his coordination; Mario Mencia for assisting with the chronology; Pedro Alavarez Tabio of the office of Publications of the Council of state for providing several previously unpublished photos; the late Osvaldo salas for once again making available his photo archives; Elena Rodriguez and Maribel Ibanez for helping to prepare the manuscript; Mary Todd for the translation of the preface; and the Asia department of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the people for their support over the years.

Fidel Castro

FIDEL CASTRO RUZ (13 August 1926 - 25 November 2016) was the leader of the Cuban Revolution. He was for many years the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic of Cuba.