Frantz Fanon

Identity and Resistance

Karthick Ram Manoharan

Edited by Allen Hibbard


Orient BlackSwan, Hyderabad, 2019

Language: English

118 pages

140 x 216 mm

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This book is a critical engagement with the ideas of Frantz Fanon, focusing on the politics of identity and resistance. It provides a coherent reading of Fanon's work, highlighting his commitment to revolutionary humanism and sketching a broad outline of his approach to identity politics. The book engages with the challenges of reading Fanon today and stresses on the relevance of his ideas in analysing contemporary politics and culture. It uses Fanonian perspectives to critique the Negritude movement, Periyar's anti-caste movement in Tamil Nadu, the Kurdish struggle in the Middle East, and contemporary multiculturalism, arguing for a politics of ‘expansive identity’ and a new universalism.

Allen Hibbard

Allen Hibbard is Professor and Director, Middle East Center, at Middle Tennessee State University, Tennessee, USA. His published works include Paul Bowles: A Study of the Short Fiction.

Karthick Ram Manoharan

Karthick Ram Manoharan is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta (CSSSC). He received his PhD from the Department of Government, University of Essex.