To Sit on a Stone and Other Shorts


Red River, New Delhi, 2020

Language: English

98 pages

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To sit on a stone — watch the grass grow.

Witty and absurd, philosophical and funny, illuminating and esoteric, funny and serious, rooted and surrealist, pragmatic and political, comical and serious — this collection of short, pithy, almost epigrammatic verses offer a window to the world we inhabit, seen through the ever-observant mind of the playwright and poet Ramu Ramanathan.

"Any single poem of his may look scattered with no apparent connection between the stanzas, but on close attention, one realises that an invisible chord (musically as well) of tender sadness, which is eternal as time itself, is running through it. It is so mute that a casual reader may miss it completely. It is a deceptively simple work".
- Mahesh Elkunchwar

Ramu Ramanathan

Ramu Ramanathan is a Mumbai-based journalist and playwright. His plays include Cotton 56, Polyester 84, Jazz, Comrade Kumbhakarna, Postcards from Bardoli, Mahadevbhai 1892–1942, Collaborators, The Boy Who Stopped Smiling, Shanti, Shanti, it’s a War, and Curfew. He has been the editor of Printweek India for the past decade and has been associated with the printing industry for 25 years.