Coming Home


Karadi Tales, chennai, 2020

Language: English

69 pages

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What if we started our own school?
INR 200.00
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Eleven-year-old Selva’s home is a valley with swaying palms, fertile farms and freshwater pools – it’s paradise. But if he and his friends want to study further, they’ll have to trek through the forest to the government school. Selva is worried he will be forced to give up studies and migrate in a few years, just like all the older children from the region, including his big brother Subbu. He doesn’t want to leave and find work in far off mills and factories – so he asks a simple question – “What if we started our own school?”

Priti David transports the readers to breathtaking Sittilingi Valley in Dharmapuri, where a cast of earnest, resourceful and ambitious children look for a way to bring home the people they love.