Materialism and Dialectics in Post-Classical World

Impact of Electromagnetism

Anil Rajimwale


Aakar Books, New Delhi, 2020

Language: English

176 pages

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Evolution of the concepts of atom and atomism, and the impact of electromagnetism on our worldview, are the object of our study in this book. Electromagnetism is the key link in the transition from classical to post-classicla worldview. This transition is caused by the one from our thought based upon the tangibles to that based upon the intangibles. Electromagnetism inaugrated an era of light speeds and near it, and of the world constituted by such speeds. Philosophy and the worldview need to catch up and undergo a basic change. Atom as a concept and reality is under severe stress as explanation of reality. Reality has come out of atomic limits and unveiled a new world, which is constituted of quantum, relativity, wave/particle duality, etc. It is a challenge to philosophy, which re-fashioning to interpret the post-classical world based on rapid motions. We need to develop new concepts and bring about a realignment in various thought constituents. Rather thatn 'overthrow' matter, we are delving deeper into it. Philosophy and human thought itself stands on the brink of redefinition.

Anil Rajimwale

Anil Rajimwale is a well-known Marxist theoretician, contributing consistently to the enrichment of scientific Marxist theory over the years. He has written widely on philosophy, history, economics, politics, natural and social sciences, technology etc. At present he is studying impact of scientific and technological revolution (STR) on theory and society, and is preparing multi-volume work. In the present book he shows how electromagnetism connects classical with post-classical thought, creating new structures, and impacting materialism and dialectics. He is presently general secretary of All India Progressive Forum (AIPF).