Of Oppressor's Body & Mind

Essays on language, literature and cinema

Yogesh Maitreya


Panther's Paw Publications, Nagpur, 2020

Language: English

95 pages

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We have grown up reading about “oppression”. We did not often read about “oppressor”. We have read about victims, speaking about their victimisation. We did not often read about victims speaking about the oppressor, the source of their oppression. This way, we have grown up knowing only one side of the coin. The biggest obstacle in the way of change we seek, lies here. We know about the symptom, we do not know about the cause. “Of Oppressor’s Body and Mind” by Yogesh Maitreya, is an attempt to explore the workings of the body and mind of oppressors in India. It is an attempt to understand this through the literature, cinema and literary discourse they produce. Attachments area

Yogesh Maitreya

Yogesh Maitreya is a poet, translator, columnist, PhD scholar and publisher at Panther’s Paw Publication. He has translated work of fiction and non-fiction from Dalit literature. For his PhD, he is working on Ambedkari Shahiri as music against caste.