An Alternative Path of Progress

Pradhan H Prasad


New Delhi, 2020

Language: English

144 pages

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The book unravels the dynamics of capitalist development, critically assesses the socialist experiment in charting out a course of development different from capitalism, unravels the contradictions in the post-Independence development process in India, evaluate other efforts outside the state towards ushering in 'development', and then proposes an alternative path of progress - an employment based ecologically sustainable model of decentralized development based on local resource endowment and heightened mass consciousness which will take the country out of the dependency paradigm.

Pradhan H Prasad

Pradhan H Prasad (1928-2001) was professor of economics at A N Sinha Institute of Social Studies, Patna. His books include Growth with Full Employment (Allied, 1979), Lopsided Growth (Sameeksha Trust & OUP, 1989), Determinants & Consequences of Internal Migration in India (coauthored, OUP, 1989), Tragedy of Bihar (Manak, 1996).