Becoming Me


adivaani, Kolkata, 2014

Language: English

202 pages

5 x 8 inches

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Liya, a young Santal, is a regular girl from an Adivasi village in Assam, with regular struggles, aspirations and experiences, who finds herself in a journey through life against the backdrop of ethnic riots. An exploration of identity — and the prejudice and discrimination attached to it — this novel marks Rejina Marandi’s debut and a fresh attempt to expose and document a dark corner in the long negation Adivasis in Assam have suffered. Questioning not the social, political and economical roots of it but their painful effects in a new generation of people, Liya’s story is about her coming of age in a country that may not be entirely hers.

Rejina Marandi

Rejina Marandi (1987) is a Santal, born and brought up in Gossaigaon, Kolkrajhar district, Assam. Her schooling and college education has been completed in Assam, West Bengal, and Meghalaya.

She is currently pursuing her PhD in Philosophy from Pondicherry University. Her thesis is tentatively titled 'Ethics of Identity of the Santal Tribes'.

She is the first winner of adivaani's writing prize Adivasi Pickle, 2013.