On India

Articles and Book Reviews

Clemens Palme Dutt


R B Enterprises, 2016

Language: English

160 pages

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The present volume is a compilation of Clemens Palme Dutt's select articles and book reviews on India, published in Labour Monthly between 1925 and 1930. The book comprises fourteen write-ups in total, among which ten are analytical essays and four are book reviews. This is, probably, the first-ever compilation of CPD's original writings.

Clemens Palme Dutt

Clemens Palme Dutt (15 April 1893 – 1 April 1975) was a journalist, translator and editor, in particular of the works of Marx and Engels, who was active in the Communist Party of Great Britain. In the 1930s he worked for the British Communist Party's Colonial Bureau then in Berlin, and later for a Communist front organisation in Paris. During the war, he was a correspondent for the Daily Worker later becoming editor of a 'Soviet Monitor', a TASS publication. He was the elder brother of Rajani Palme Dutt.