For the Love of God

Indian Queer Mythology Zine



Language: English

140 pages

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‘For the Love of God’, an illustrated zine of queer stories across Indian Mythology.
INR 500.00
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The zine is an important addition to the current discourse about queerness, gender, sexuality, and identity because it tells the stories of characters that are often not a part of popular mythology – characters that in some way don’t conform to established gender roles or sexual orientation expected of them. For instance, not many have heard of Ganga Survanti or her immaculate conception, the origins of Bhagiratha’s name: he who was born of two vulvas, or Mitra and Varuna, the two halves of the moon always tied together in a celestial embrace.

Through the zine, which features more than 15 inspiring, empowering, and fascinating stories brilliantly depicted with a smattering of quirk, we hope to spark a conversation or two and possibly introduce some unorthodox role models, increasing the visibility of queer characters among popular tales that we hear ever so often.