He, My Beloved CJ


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178 pages

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Several books and articles have been written to fete CJ and his path-breaking work. But He, My Beloved CJ (Ivan, Ente Priya CJ in Malayalam), is a memoir written by a wife for her much-loved partner, showing the world CJ’s other side—the husband, the father, and most of all, the beloved. With deft strokes, she brings to life for us readers, the character of this extraordinary and talented man. She presents him without any bias, giving expression to all facets of his being. His strengths as well as his foibles, his generosity of spirit and his critical nature, his sensitive outlook and his idiosyncrasies, she presents it all.


G.Arunima teaches at the Centre for Women’s Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and has researched and published on, both, historical and modern contexts in India, with a focus on cultural, visual and material texts, and on rethinking the politics of the contemporary. Her areas of interest include the study of family and kinship; different aspects of aesthetics and modernities; visual culture and theory; and religion and faith practices. . She is the author of There Comes Papa: Colonialism and the Transformation of Matriliny in Kerala, Malabar, ca 1850-1940.

Rosy Thomas

Rosy Thomas, well-known Malayalam writer and translator, her best-known work – Ivan Ente Priya C J.Her other prominent works include Urangunna Simham (The Sleeping Lion), a memoir of her father, M P Paul; Jalakakkazhcha, an anthology of essays; ; Annie, a novel; and Amerikkayil oru malayalippennu, a travelogue. She has also translated George Orwell’s Animal Farm into Malayalam.