Ramtanu Lahiri: Brahman and Reformer

A History of Bengal Renaissance

Sivanath Sastri

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This is the English version of Sivanath Sastri's book 'Ramtanu Lahiri O Tatkalin Bongo Samaj', edited by Sir Roper Lethbridge. Though named after the social reformer, Ramtnau Lahiri, it covers a broad historical period beginning with Ram Mohon Roy and the Brahmoist movement and other such important historical events of the then Bengali society. In particular, it is the primary source of information on the Brahmo Samaj and the Bengal renaissance movement.

Sivanath Sastri

Sivanath Sastri (1847–1919) was a scholar, religious reformer, educator, writer and historian. He played an active role in the society of his times and kept a wonderful record of events but for which it would have been difficult to know and understand his turbulent age. His views have, occasionally, been criticised. He was not merely a detached historian but also an active participant of the age.