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Pluriverse: A Post-Development Dictionary contains over 100 essays on transformative initiatives and alternatives to the currently dominant processes of globalized development, including its structural roots in modernity, capitalism, state domination, and masculinist values. It offers critical essays on mainstream solutions that ‘greenwash’ development, and presents radically different worldviews and practices from around the world that point to an ecologically wise and socially just world.

Alberto Acosta

Alberto Acosta is an Ecuadorian economist and activist, and former President of the Constituent Assembly of Ecuador.

Ariel Salleh

Ariel Salleh is an Australian scholar-activist, author of Ecofeminism as Politics and editor of Eco-Sufficiency and Global Justice.

Arturo Escobar

Arturo Escobar teaches at the University of North Carolina, and is the author of Encountering Development.

Ashish Kothari

Ashish Kothari is with Kalpavriksh and Vikalp Sangam in India, and co-editor of Alternative Futures: India Unshackled.

Federico Demaria

Federico Demaria is with Autonomous University of Barcelona, and co-editor of Degrowth: A Vocabulary for a New Era.